Up to now blogging is not my thing but…….

There seem to be many obstacles to setting up a blog but felt encouraged to do so at the end of an amazing course called “Uncluttered ” which is run by Joshua Becker who has some great blogs on becomingminimalist.com. Hoping to connect with others on the journey.

I found the course to be much more than just about decluttering. It involved examining my whole mindset towards possessions and the whys of how I  was doing life and questioning where my heart really is. It is a lifelong walk with a few steps forwards as well as a few steps back. It’s also been encouraging to read the blogs of others on a similar journey and how their lives have been enriched by simplifying their lives to get to what really matters.

Author: Paula Burr

I am forever exploring and learning about life with God in the ordinary. I work full time as a university technician and union rep I am into science and music (playing the violin) as well as being involved in a number of activities in our local church in Eastbourne. This past year or so has brought many new challenges and opportunities with more time at home during Covid lockdowns and finding new ways of keeping in touch with family and friends. I have been reading much and also attempting to write a book based on the theme of hope which is something we all need for our life’s journey. It has been an adventure in itself exploring the way I have come in life and the encouragements I’ve had on the way through the good times and the times when the pathway has proved more difficult. There is much to be thankful for each day.

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